Joint State Government Commission Task Force on Capital Punishment Releases Final Report

Today, the Joint State Government Commission’s Task Force on Capital Punishment has made public its final report.  In 2011, the passage of State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf’s Senate Resolution 6 directed the Joint State Government Commission to establish a bipartisan task force and advisory committee to conduct a study of capital punishment in the Commonwealth and report their findings to the General Assembly. 

Read the report at 

The task force has reported on 17 subjects related to the death penalty which include: cost, bias and unfairness, proportionality, impact on and services for family members, intellectual disability, mental illness, juries, state appeals and post-conviction, clemency, penological intent, innocence, alternatives, counsel, secondary trauma, length and conditions of confinement on death row, lethal injection, and public opinion.

Legislative task force members Senators Greenleaf, Rafferty, Leach, and Boscola issued the following statement:

“We thank the members of the Advisory Committee on Capital Punishment and the staff of the Joint State Government Commission for working countless hours over the last six and a half years in a good-faith attempt to help us better understand our Commonwealth’s system of capital punishment.”