Bills Prime-Sponsored by Senator Greenleaf

This is a list of bills prime-sponsored by Senator Greenleaf during the 2013-2014 legislative session.  If Senator Greenleaf introduced a similar bill during the 2011-2012 legislative session, the bill number from the 2011-2012 session is in parentheses.  If Senator Greenleaf’s bill is enacted into law during the 2013-2014 session, the act number is bolded and in brackets.  If a bill is enacted into law, but another bill is used as the vehicle, the bill number and the act number are bolded and in brackets.  Bills numbers are linked to their page on the General Assembly’s website.



75      Human trafficking: JSGC report (S1587 revised)

77      Assisted outpatient treatment: Kendra’s Law (S115)

78      PHEAA grants and online education (S84) [H1141, 2013 Act 59]

79      Beer keg tagging (S25)

80      Clean Indoor Air Act amendments (S35)

81      Mental health services for military personnel and their families (S1256)

82      Puppy Lemon Law amendments (S27)

83      Neighborhood electric vehicles authorized (S52)

84      Deficiency Judgment Act amendments: reenactment (S1373)

85      Judges’ retirement age: constitutional amendment

93      Multiple-war license plate authorized, WWII, Korean, Vietnam (S72)

94      Disabled veteran plate, reducing the percentage required for service-related disability (S73)

95      Prison industry enhancement authority: PIE (S45)

96      Child Beneficiary Education Act expanded to include surviving spouses (S33)

97      Volunteer Emergency Service Tuition Credit Program (S32)

98      Volunteer Emergency Service Personnel Educational Assistance and Loan Forgiveness Act (S34)

99      Administrative Procedure Code consolidation (S883)

111      Exclude Medicare premiums from income for property tax and rent rebate program (S82)

112      Children of incarcerated parents: JSGC report (S1454)

113      Hotel Law consolidation (S70)

115      Arraignments for contempt of a PFA order (S1412)

116      Charities Code consolidation (S1520)

117      Guardianship including response to D.L.H case: JSGC reports (S1614)

118      Child Welfare Workers Loan Forgiveness Act (S22)

121      Office for Safe Schools to compile substance abuse information (S37)

122      Seat belts required on school buses (S53)

123      Child-Care Tax Credit Act (S60)

124      Self-employed individuals may deduct self-employment tax from income tax (S62)

125      School-based Child-care Assistance Act (S63)

126      Tax return filing exemption for seniors (S85)

127      Prison contraband Crimes Code amendments (S29)

128      Criminal Justice and Mental Health Reinvestment Act (S30)

129      Reimbursing municipal police for serving warrants (S31)

130      Repeal of obsolete juvenile law (S46)

131      Mcare surcharge paid in four equal installments (S24)

132      Mass public transit system funding (S54)

133      Veterans’ bonus for WWII (S74)

134      Veterans’ bonus for Korean Conflict (SB75)

135      Veterans’ bonus for Vietnam Conflict (SB76)

136      Advisory Board on Acquired Brian Injury (S997)

148      Civil immunity for humanitarian hospital donations (S41)

149      Bail Bond Enforcement Agent Law: bounty hunters (S44)

151      Court Reporting Contract Law (S48)

152      Common law courts and simulated legal process (S50)

153      Window tinting: vehicle safety inspection and unfair trade practice (S114)

154      Gas mineral rights lease agreement disclosure and indemnification (S91)

155      Rabies vaccination exemption (S90) [2013 Act 65]

156      Pennsylvania Office of Faith Based and Nonprofit Community Organizations (S83)

157      Municipal Land Bank and Affordable Housing Act (S61)

158      Prenatal and Postpartum Counseling and Screening Act (S39)

167      Exemption from background check fees for youth soccer volunteers (S40)

168      Retention elections for magisterial district judges: constitutional amendment (S55)

169      Replacing “justice of the peace” with “magisterial district judge”: constitutional amendment (S56)

170      Certification examination for magisterial district judges: constitutional amendment (S57)

171      Municipal law enforcement required to have strip search policy (S67)

172      Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights (S78)

173      Bad faith actions on insurance policies (S81)

174      Exemptions from jury duty (S87 revised)

175      Administration Law amendment relating to notice and appeal rights (S68)

176      Interstate Drug Interdiction and Enforcement Compact (S80)

177      Lyme & Related Tick-Borne Disease Surveillance, Education, Prevention & Treatment Act (S210)

178      Home inspectors licensure law (S51)

179      National Guard Youth Challenge Program (S77)

180      Seller’s return and exchange policy disclosure (S92)

181      Unused prescription drugs distributed to medically indigent (S93)

182      Internet posting of election results (S94)

183      Lemon Law extended to boats (S95)

184      Unreimbursed child and dependent care expenses excluded from personal income (S97)

185      Credit Blocking Regulation Act (S98)

186      Missing children clearinghouse and related initiatives (S111)

260      Bike and jogging trails (S112)

261      Inventory of water recreational opportunities (S113)

262      Motor vehicle inspections (S132)

263      First responder Hepatitis B inoculations (S133)

264      Emergency vehicles involved in accident (S134)

265      Restroom Access Act (S137)

266      Offsetting gains and losses in calculating the personal income tax (S138)

267      “Educational reason” as a valid excuse for a school absence (S139)

268      Donated Services and Equipment Tax Credit Act (S140)

269      Sales tax exemptions for school booster clubs and youth sports programs (S141)

270      Elderly volunteers working with children (S142)

271      Leaving the scene of an auto accident (S143)

278      Judicial Conduct Board amendments (S59)

304      Title 15 amendments (S88 and S884) [2013 Act 67]

310      Auto Lemon Law: Repair attempt for serious defect (S1228)

311      SafeRide Home Grant Pilot Program (S149 revised)

312      Recognition of bike medics (S145)

313      Kindergarten starting age (S146)

314      Flood disclosure in sale of homes (S147)

315      Flood disclosure in lease of residential property (S148)

316      Regulation of service contracts (S150)

317      Insurance coverage of tobacco cessation treatments (S959)

618      Probationary license revisions (S429 of 2009-2010)

619      State licensing boards: expungement of records (S89)

620      Powers of attorney (Vine case) (S1092)

621      Probate Code (Title 20) omnibus amendments (S96 revised)

681      Sexual violence victim protection orders (S58)

710      Post conviction relief, DNA testing, and preservation of evidence (S1338 in part)

711      Eyewitness identification, recording of interrogations, and compensation (S1338 in part)

712      PA Commission on Conviction Integrity Act (S1337)

749      Joint and several exception for children (S1131, Pr.’s 1322)

790      Funding for natural gas drilling health research (S1519 sponsored by Sen. Yudichak)

847      Guidelines for religious expression in schools

848      Antitrust (S1565)

850      Donate Life PA Act (S750 revised)

867      Expiration of wiretap act

868      Latin motto for the Commonwealth (S417)

979      Indigent defense legal representation

1104    Criminal Justice and Addiction Treatment Act

1105    Historical documents: use in classroom; censorship prohibited

Total: 110 bills

Resolutions Prime-Sponsored by Senator Greenleaf

This is a list of resolutions prime-sponsored by Senator Greenleaf as of 9/18/13 during the 2013-2014 legislative session.  If Senator Greenleaf introduced a similar resolution during the 2011-2012 legislative session, the resolution number from the 2011-2012 session is in parentheses.  If a resolution is adopted during the 2013-2014 session, the date it was adopted is bolded and in brackets.



6      Advisory Committee on Violence Prevention: JSGC (SR8 revised) [Adopted 2/1/13]

13      Legislative Budget & Finance Committee review of PENNVEST (SR30)

102      The Battle of Crooked Billet Day in Pennsylvania (SR92 & SR295) [Adopted 4/17/13]

114      Lyme Disease Awareness Month (SR96 & SR294) [Adopted 4/30/13]

115      Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Awareness Month (SR97) [Adopted 4/30/13]

126      National Nursing Home Week [Adopted 5/7/13]


Total: 6 resolutions