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SB 869, SB 1323, SB 1365, HB 74, HB 185, HB 1070, HB 1398, HB 1497, HB 1496, HB 1974, HB 2084,

September 20, 2016
Senate Judiciary Committee - September 26, 2016 Listen     [Read More]

Donate Life PA Act Passes Senate

May 18, 2016
On Tuesday, May 17th, the Pennsylvania Senate voted to pass State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf’s Donate Life PA Act, SB 180, to help increase organ and tissue donation in the Commonwealth. Listen   [Read More]

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Mandatory Minimum Sentences

March 30, 2016
Senator Greenleaf hosted a roundtable discussion in the Capitol on mandatory minimum sentences in Pennsylvania.     [Read More]

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Mandatory Minimum Sentences

March 15, 2016
Senator Greenleaf roundtable discussion on mandatory minimum sentences in Pennsylvania, with Grover Norquist and Bernie Kerik.     [Read More]

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Report from Task Force on Lyme Disease

October 14, 2015
Senator Greenleaf offers remarks at a Department of Health news conference to release the report of the task force on lyme disease.   [Read More]

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Greenleaf News Conference on Legislation to Expand the State’s Natural Gas Infrastructure

October 13, 2015
On Tuesday, October 13th, State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf held a news conference in the Capitol to discuss his SB 953, which would expand the reach of natural gas infrastructure so more households and businesses in Pennsylvania can access natural gas as their source of energy.   [Read More]

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Greenleaf’s Legislation Permitting Low Speed Electric Cars Sent to the Governor

October 08, 2014
Today (10/8/14), the Pennsylvania Senate gave final approval to State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf’s measure to permit low speed electric vehicles on certain state roadways.   [Read More]

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Greenleaf’s Lyme Disease Awareness and Prevention Legislation Sent to Governor

June 18, 2014
Today, the Pennsylvania Senate concurred in House amendments to State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf’s SB 177, legislation creating a task force within the Pennsylvania Department of Health to educate the public about Lyme disease and conduct a tick surveillance program across the Commonwealth. The legislation will now be sent to the Governor.   [Read More]

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Senate Passes Greenleaf Legislation to Fight Human Trafficking

December 11, 2013
On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania State Senate passed legislation introduced by State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf (R, Montgomery, Bucks) to fight human trafficking in Pennsylvania.   [Read More]

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Confirmation Hearings

December 05, 2013
Senate Judiciary Committee - December 10, 2013   [Read More]

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Civil legal representation of the indigent: Have we achieved equal access to justice?

October 14, 2013
Senate Judiciary Committee Public Hearing - October 29, 2013   [Read More]

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Senate Bills 28, 863, 1024, and House Bills 79, 164 and 1337

October 01, 2013
Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing - October 1, 2013   [Read More]