$5.3 million low interest loan approved for water contamination remediation in Warrington Township

Today, State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf (R, 12) announced the approval of a $5.3 million low interest loan from PENNVEST, the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority, to fund Warrington Township’s PFOS / PFOA water contamination remediation project.

Last year, the Authority approved an $11,583,000 low interest loan for Warminster Township to address water contamination. 

The loan will allow Warrington to fund the construction of treatment units intended to reduce the level of contaminants to non-detectable levels.

The project is expected to control the contaminant plume and may prevent contamination in other areas, including for residents who use private wells.

“I am very pleased that PENNVEST made this possible for Warrington residents,” said Senator Greenleaf.  “We are working to ensure that everything possible is done to restore completely safe drinking water for all communities effected by contamination.  These very low interest loans are vital for municipalities to finance vitally important projects.”